Moldova va plăti Gazprom 249,44 USD pentru mia de metri cubi de gaze

Preţul gazelor naturale ruseşti pentru Moldova în trimestrul II al anului 2009 va constitui 249,44 dolari SUA pentru o mie metri cub de gaze, a comunicat miercuri, ministrul adjunct al Economiei şi Comerţului Tudor Copaci.


  • Andre 19.07.2012

    Dennis from Oregon has left a new comment on your post "The FTW Burglary": Geez Matt, youve never spent much time here in Southern Oregon...The dead car is a lame idea in Mikes situ, it would add a huge disinmeon to.... [the] problem with fitting in. Locals that should know better are acting real paranoid.. Forget that idea, but night watchmen would be a great idea...The dog idea has some merit, at night, but it would really only up the ante from a simple break in and some property destruction to include killing the dogs. Not too big of a further step for someone capable of this kind of crud...I like the bodygaurd idea, but its probably not in FTWs budget; maybe it should be??The folks that did this were just trying to send a message;.... My advice is to shrug it off, protect yourself as best you can, insure yourself; backup data to a nondisclosed outside locale nightly and get on with life.Either back off, negotiate with the ones responsible, or expect more of the same, maybe even escalating. Thats the real decision and problem. Identify the source and then deal with it..What a raft of crud!! But if Mike backs down, sooner or later it will be all our turns next....To Truth.... D

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