Romania - ţintă pentru străini?

Romania va atrage, în următorii ani, între 200.000 şi 300.000 de muncitori străini, se arată în studiul "Imigraţie şi azil în Romania". Potrivit sintezei…


  • Regina 20.07.2012

    That's pretty cool! I just drpoped off my Emily to college in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and know that you and her must have something in common: being somewhat homesick. Rest assured that Jesus is your strong tower, a place of refuge, your hiding place, you being under His wings, Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. ETC/ ETC// Rest upon and read God's promises again and again you will need them. Pray for each other ..and we'll talk with you again pretty soon.Blessings for all that you are doing in His name,Stan

  • uqmzmhm 20.07.2012

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