William H. Moser: Statele Unite ale Americii vor sprijini în continuare modernizarea R.Moldova

Președintele Parlamentului Republicii Moldova, Igor Corman, a avut astăzi o întrevedere cu William H. Moser, Ambasadorul Statelor Unite ale Americii în Republica Moldova.


  • Unni 14.09.2013

    In the past governments, dirttaocs, business etc could get away with murder. Now it is impossible to hide what goes on thanks to the internet. However it is vulnerable as the situation in Egypt shows. If the whole system was satellite based there would be no secrets from the general public nor silencing of what people have a right to know!

  • Cristian 16.09.2013

    Colin the use of the word "conspiracy" whenever two Germans corsvnee is I think paranoia worthy of those who torch embassies. There is little unknown about Josef Ratzinger's views and reading his many published works show he is primarily a theologian of major standing, something that few intellectuals in modern Europe seem capable of understanding because of their own limited education and focused ideology.The Pope does not want Turkey inside the EU.........it is an American gift to a Turkish ally, originally to buy access to northern Iraq for the invasion. Why I should give legislative power over my life to persons wholly alien to my culture and heritage is one Blair et al have failed to explain.The CDU and CSU are also opposed to Turkey joining but that may have more to do with enfranchising 2 million Turkish SPD voters than any principle.Konrad Adenauer was a Catholic, he was also very wily. Ranged against him was Kurt Schumacher and an SPD tempted to re-unite Germany as a neutral power like Austria. Adenauer wanted Germany anchored in The West - he could not do so as a right-winger opposed to Communism since that theme had been trashed between 1933 and 1945..............so he used Catholic Anti-Communism to rally the party - CDU - which he created from the ruins of the old Zentrum Party.

  • Teddy 16.09.2013

    It is a shame that the UK with its obvious srtcutural and systemic failings is not included with the worst offenders.Since Hirst v UK (No2) was decided there have been over 100,000 convicted prisoners denied their human right to vote.

  • Romby 18.09.2013

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