La Chişinău va avea loc forumul “Sectorul energetic în Republica Moldova: aspecte legale şi oportunităţi pentru investiţii"

La Chisinau, pe data de 10 mai 2012, Ministerul Economiei al Republicii Moldova, în cooperare cu Asociaţia patronală Confindustria Moldova şi Eastern Consulting, va organiza Forumul “Sectorul energetic în Republica Moldova: aspecte legale şi oportunităţi pentru investiţii”.


  • Jayrose 25.09.2012

    Ukraine will never be a Free Independent Democratic Stet as long as it is beholden to a prtedisneial rule.Ukraine has struggled since independence to adopt a Parliamentary system of governments as enjoyed in Britain. Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko opposed Ukraine becoming a democracyLatvia and Estonia are both former Soviet States and they correctly adopted a parliamentary model. Both are now successful EU member states. Ukraine on the other hand retained the Soviet Style Autocratic Presidential system.One of the most significant achievements of the Orange revolution was the Constitutional reforms of 2004 which saw Ukraine take a step forward towards becoming a Parliamentary democracy. The main problem is it still retained Presidential authority which lead to power struggle between the head of state and the peoples democratically elected Parliament.Viktor Yushchenko continually sought to undermine political stability and Ukraine's democratic development. His dismissed Ukraine's previous Parliament in 2007 in order to prevent the Parliament from securing support for further constitutional reform and removal of Presidential power. Reform that would have seen Ukraine become more like Britain. He even went as far as deliberately interfering with the operations and independence of Ukraine's Constitutional court in order to prevent the Court from ruling against his decree. Yushchenko's actions were illegal and unconstitutional and caused seven months of political and civil unrest. Yanukovych since being elected President has acted to consolidate prtedisneial authority, going so far as seeking a Constitutional Court ruling nullifying the constitutional reforms introduced in 2004. (Interested readers should read the unprecedented review of the Courts deliberations undertaken by the European Venice Commission)Britain's system of Parliamentary democracy is the corner stone if its success along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the majority of EU states.

  • Don 27.09.2012

    Lubos,Your statement that "India is betetr off for having been colonized" is equivalent to saying - your mother is betetr off for having been raped. Her rapist was a high class guy after all.--Hitler was (unintentionally) the greatest liberator in history - his war destroyed the European powers, ended 300 years of colonial expansion, and most of Asia and Africa became politically independent. In the scale of things, Czechoslovakia was a small sacrifice for the sake of so much of humanity. Of course, Europeans had another horror to offer the world - Marxism, Stalinism and the like.---India was more literate in 1830 than it was in 1900 (when it was 10%) or 1947 (when it got independence). After British took full control of India in 1857, per capita income dropped by 50 percent by 1900. The British are responsible for as many deaths in India as the Nazis and Soviets combined. E.g., take a look at "Late Victorian Holocausts" - and read it, don't get mislead by the blurbs. The British destroyed all self-government in India, and all institutions, and tried to impose their own junk. Nazism, Marxism, Colonialism - they were all equally destructive. Yes, the Nazis invented jets and rockets and the Soviets put the first man in space; the Soviet Union was a scientific power, and did make most of its people literate, etc., but no part of Europe is the betetr for having had these. ----D.P. Agarwal."In fact, as early as 1804, the Governor of the Madras Presidency wrote to his masters (the President of the Board of Commissioners) in London: We have paid a great deal of attention to the revenue management in this country...the general tenor of my opinion is, that we have rode the country too hard, and the sequence is, that it is in a state of the most lamentable poverty. Great oppression is I fear exercised too generally in the collection of the Revenues.""A similar fate awaited the extensive network of Indian schools and institutions of higher learning when they began to be surveyed in the 1820s and 1830s. Ironically, it is mainly through the British archival records that one becomes aware of the extensive nature of the education network, as well as its speedy decay in the Madras and Bengal Presidency, and somewhat later in the Presidencies of Bombay and in the Punjab. " ---Anyway, it doesn't matter. Your illusions are too thick to be shatteredIf they were possible, you'd immediately see what Bush & Co are doing in Iraq is an attempt to resume history where it stopped (kind of) after World War II. The lies that "Iraq poses an imminent threat" have worn off - and a real threat is the only legitimate reason to go to war. Now the Kiplinguesque White Man's Burden is invoked - we have to democratize Iraqis, civilize them. Bombing occupied cities - did the Soviets do any such thing in Afghanistan - is immensely uplifting to a country, I'm sure. Anyway, forget it, and goodbye.---

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