Senatul României a ratificat cel de-al doilea Protocol semnat între România şi Moldova

Plenul Senatului a aprobat luni proiectul de lege privind ratificarea celui de-al doilea Protocol Adiţional la Acordul semnat între Guvernul României şi cel al Republicii Moldova, privind implementarea programului de asistenţă tehnică şi financiară în baza unui ajutor financiar nerambursabil în valoare de 100 milioane de euro acordat de România Republicii Moldova.


  • Victoria 15.09.2013

    Clearly outrageous.If this was nedeed, that's one more element showing that your fight is oh-so-necessary.While we do know these illegitimate leaders' and governments will eventually either step down or be forced out, history will remember what they've done, against freedom (of speech, of information or sheer liberty) and freewill.Regards,

  • Lacrima 16.09.2013

    Colin,Interesting remarks as ever. Has Merkel or the CDU ollaciiffy commented on Stoiber's perspective on curtailing Turkey's accession negotiations? Or is Stoiber in fact serving as the mouthpiece for Merkel on this issue? Perhaps it is a coded attack on the SPD. after all, the German foreign Minister was in Turkey 2 weeks ago to launch the Ernst Reuter Initiative for Intercultural Dialogue and Understanding. ( This initiative is designed to "foster intercultural dialogue" and keep the SPD and Turks resident in Germany on good terms)As for the previous pope's would-be assaisin Mehmet Ali Agca, I wouldn't exaggerate his importance. He is a bona fide lunatic (in fact, he has been medically certified as such)who is currently held in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison in Istanbul and will remain so until 2013 at the earliest. Agca now claims to be the Messiah and is not well viewed, to put it mildly, in either the ultranationalist circles from which he originally sprang or Islamist circles.He is without influence or credibility, a kind of David Icke figure for the Mohammedan masses.

  • Etta 17.09.2013

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