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Potrivit unor surse din AIE structura viitorului executiv ar arăta astfel:


  • Emilie 23.08.2012

    I appreciated the dicsossiun in this episode about what happens if a web service is canceled or goes out of business. I was recently involved in a dicsossiun about whether to use open-source software like Omeka or a proprietary software. One of the arguments for the proprietary software was that an open-source project might lose funding, and so whatever investment had been put into it would be lost. My argument was that businesses making proprietary software were just as likely to go out of business, and that open-source software at least uses open standards (like Dublin Core) that would let you get the data out if you ever needed it. Unfortunately the company in question was privately owned; otherwise its stock prices for the year might have been convincing. I think it will be a while yet before the virtue of open source and open standards are widely appreciated.

  • glrora 23.08.2012

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